Haryana – Fighting with consequences of Floods

At last at least situation is under control in districts like Kurukshetra, Kaithal and Ambala. We, as a state has lost around Rs 6.5 billion due to these floods( including damaged crops, roads and other buildings) and this is a figure by our state govt.( I’m sure its not fully correct) So I think the blame is to be stopped by Haryana, Punjab and Delhi govt. and should help each other in minimizing the effect. As the Monsoon is ON, we should take steps fast. As per the reports, govt. is moving to prevent water-borne diseases from spreading in the state’s flood-affected districts.

The home ministry has constituted a central team to make a preliminary assessment of the damage due to floods in Punjab and Haryana. The team will be headed by joint secretary (border management). The Centre has, however, asked Punjab and Haryana to utilise Rs 3,467 crore already given to the two states from the Calamity Relief Fund (CRF) for immediate flood relief works.

Medical teams have been dispatched to every block with adequate medicines. They have sprayed pesticides and dispersed lime in the affected areas. The medical department has also announced precautionary measures to check the outbreak of disease.

“People should use clean water for drinking, they should put chlorine tablets if they are using tanker water. People should not use ice during floods, wash fruits and vegetables before consumption, don’t consume chopped fruits and overcooked food,” said Vijay Garg( Kurukshetra’s Chief Medical Officer).

Floods have partially submerged villages in low-lying areas, which led people to take shelter on rooftops. Thousand acres of land for farming has been washed away. All the crops have been destroyed and the dry fodder has been destroyed. So far 11 peopla have been killed due to this.

My maternal Uncle’s village is also among those who are fully submerged. While there are no Kucha( mud) house in the village but still people are worse affected. Their primary source of income, fields are destroyed. People engaged in horticulture and other rural income sources are also affected severely.

Hope steps taken by govt. work and prevent outbreak of any disease.

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Twitter Mobile

Well of all social networking sites which have their mobile versions, i think twitter is the best. Probably it is because its basically very different from other social networks. Those like facebook, orkut, myspace have so many boring applications that people are not doing what they thought of doing while joining these networks. Some don’t even update their status using only poems and quotes. In that sense twitter is very useful. In mobile twitter specially, ones you have a stable account running like setup up profile, given your info and added people, you are totally going to love the experience. Its siplicity yet highly useful content is the most important feature.

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New Orkut – Boring

I don’t like new orkut at all. First of all we cannot go to editing our profile page directly. Secondly managing friends in groups is a great mess. And Features like giving cool, trusty & sexy stars are hidden somewhere and we have to tongle between several pages to get there. And new orkut is so slow on a simple internet connection. They have such a huge amount of people from India and they should know that we don’t have broadband connection everywhere.

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